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We like to test as many computer systems as possible but, it is impossible to test everything. Here are the most common ways to fix your viewing problems. If these solutions don't work, contact DVvideo.com or buy a new computer.

Download Quicktime 5

Quicktime is one of the most versatile movie players on the planet for both Mac and PC. It's free and its only about 4 mb. Download it now right here! After you have installed Quicktime4, reopen your Internet browser and try again. Remember, Quicktime3 won't necessarily work, it may play the video but, you might now hear sound. You need at least Quicktime4,

Save the Movie to Disk

Save the movie directly to disk:

  1. Click and hold the "save" link.(PC users right click the "save" link.)
  2. Select "Save file to disk" or "Save link to disk" depending on your browser.

Open the saved movie file in the Quicktime application. If the movie is an mpeg file, Windows Media Player may be another player that may work.

Why can I hear sound but, not see the movie?

The most likely cause of the problem is color depth. Increase the number of colors being displayed(color depth) to a number over 256. You may have to lower the resolution of your monitor to increase the color depth. In addition, their is an unexplained error in some browsers. To get around the problem, try closing the view window and pushing the watch link again. Or click the save menu to watch the movie without the HTML browser. In addition, you can right click the save link, save the movie file to your hard drive and open it from there. Happy viewing.

Why don't the MPEG files work?

The most likely cause of the mpeg file not working is that you haven't specified what program will play the MPEG file. To watch the MPEG file, specify a media player(ie Quicktime or Windows Media Player) in your internet browser's preferences. Or, save the file to disk and open it directly with a media player.