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"It's a simple game."

The is one of the first professional looking movies dedicated to the cause of Poo Dollar. Take a look, it is some funny ship that you will probably tell your friends about.


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Comments and Credits:
This movie was created to inspire more people to be involved in the lost art of PooDollar.The first section was made to be put before the real poo dollar footage to serve as an introduction to what an audience will be watching when viewing poo dollar movies.

Poo Dollar is a fascinating cause that deals with the morality of greed and luck. The people that want a dollar that is not theirs, get bad luck.

poodollar.org does not actually partake in actual PooDollar. Instead, we receive PooDollar videos and edit them into something viewable. There are certain guidlines for PooDollar. I encourage you to visit www.poodollar.org for more information.