About Our Manufacturing Partner

Originally focusing on SCSI storage solutions, Granite Digital/Relax Technology, Inc. has been manufacturing storage solutions for over 20 years.

Our manufacturing partner's commitment to quality and service is the reason it has thrived for so long.

DVvideo.com has partnered up with Granite Digital/Relax Technology, Inc. to bring you the DVvideo.com brand of hard drives. By partnering directly with a manufacturing company, DVvideo.com is able to bring you the best price to quality ratio. Granite Digital/Relax Technology, Inc. warrants, supports, and maintains DVvideo.com brand of storage solution products to ensure the highest level of product quality, technical service and overall satisfaction. The parts that go into each enclosure are premium, and built to last.

If you are not completely satisfied with a product, simply return it by 30 days of the purchase for a refund.

For sales and product questions please call or email DVvideo.com:

[email protected]

For technical support questions please call:

(Make sure to tell the operator you wish to speak to Ken Tusant, regarding DVvideo.com products. )

The return address is:

Relax Technology, Inc.
CO: DVvideo.com
3101 Whipple Road
Union City, CA 94587