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Quick Review

Rating: 3.5/5

The Good
Clean simple interface, export to PDF now included, and now naitive to OS X.

The Bad
Not a ton of new features. A few quirks.

The Price: $199.95

The Advise
PDF exporting is a great feature, so if you are using Final Draft 5 this makes it worth the $79 upgrade


Final Draft 6
PC / Mac
Final Draft, Inc.

Final Draft 6
Final Draft 6 is an improvement over Final Draft 5. It is a software standard among many tv shows, and has a very large user base. We worked with it a little bit, see what we found.

By Ben Miskie

Just like Final Draft 5.0, Final Draft 6 is a word processing program that is specifically designed to format your screenplay as you write. This is a big time saver over having to format a screenplay in a normal word processing program like Microsoft Word. With version 6 comes a new OS X native version as well as an XP look for the PC. This new version also now comes with the ability to directly export to the very popular and easy to use PDF file format. This file format allows others to quickly view your script with the proper formatting without having to have the Final Draft program. Essentially this is the same product as version 5 so our review will be short. If you wish to see the version 5 review, click here.

Like its competitor Movie Magic 2000, Final Draft 6 includes many “smart type” features that allow you to write your screenplay faster. If there is dialog occurring between two characters, Final Draft 6 automatically formats the next line with the proper indentation. If you type “INT” Final Draft 6 automatically finishes the line and lets you choose from the various locations you have already used in the other parts of your script.

Final Draft 6 also provides a bunch of new templates for television movies, sitcoms, feature film screen plays that it didn’t have before. Having the spacing and indentation rules automatically set up is a big help.

While Final Draft 6 has many new improvements, it also has a couple of quirks. Sometimes the words on the screen appear “funny” and hard to read.

Final Thoughts

Even with its quirks, Final Draft 6 has an easy to use interface as well as a few new features that could make it worth upgrading to. -BM