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 Aspiring Filmmakers Learn How To Make Movies With DVvideo.com

DVvideo.com Announces Their Fall 2001 Movie Production Resources

LAFAYETTE, Calif., October 16, 2001-DVvideo.com, the DV video(digital video) starting point, today announced their Fall 2001 movie production resources. DVvideo.com is an educational digital film site explaining the process of film making in terms that can be understood by any level of filmmaker. Through movie production templates, product reviews, an online store, and film submissions, DVvideo.com is spreading the art of digital filmmaking. DVvideo.com teaches all levels, from parents and students, to new consumer filmmakers, how to accomplish their film making goals. The launch includes new tutorials in the "Learn" section, reviews of DV related products and software, digital video products for sale in the "Shop" section, and films posted in the "Watch" section.

"DVvideo.com is an invaluable resource for learning video production skills at any level," said Erik Dungan, Chief Technology Officer for faculty development firm Teaching Gear.  "We proudly use DVvideo.com as our primary source for developing digital video staff courses."

"DVvideo.com is committed to offering filmmakers a strong foundation on how to create films," said Ben Miskie, president and founder for DVvideo.com. "I'm a strong believer that quality films can be created without seven-figure budgets and proprietary equipment. Just as the personal computer and desktop publishing software changed the design and publishing industry, digital video software and equipment is changing the filmmaking industry." 

With the affordability of MiniDV video cameras, anyone who owns a computer has the potential to be a filmmaker using consumer-level equipment. DVvideo.com helps those consumers realize their potential through filmmaking tutorials written without techno jargon, videos posted to inspire, and reviews informing the reader about products which take DV filmmakers to the next level.

About DVvideo.com

DVvideo.com started in January 2000, offering an educational resource for beginning to medium-level filmmakers. Since then DVvideo.com has grown, offering a store to buy DV video related products, industry news, related product reviews, online films created in DV format, and a forum for digital filmmakers to converse. Located in Lafayette, CA, DVvideo.com can be found on the web at <http://www.DVvideo.com/>.

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