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In today's entertainment, we see a lot of guys that are winners. The guy asks a girl to a date, and the girls says yes. Everybody lives happily ever after.

In Barney and Tyrane's world this doesn't happen. Barney and Tyrane are losers. Women simply do not like them.

Unfortunately, they are unaware of this fact. They feel they are "cool players of the field", the only problem is they get no play.

Why Is It Funny?

Barney and Tyrane are unaware of their environment. This is a classic form of comedy that has been used throughout history (For example: The Janitor in Shakespeare's Much ado About Nothing) and in most of the comedy used in contemporary forms of TV entertainment ( Woody from "Cheers," Hank from "Wings").

It is also funny because asking out a woman is an inevitable situation in college. Barney and Tyrane are the people that most college males are afraid of appearing like. They experience the rejection that most college males are afraid of. While watching this skit, people can all experience the dating fears comfortably from their own seat.