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Jack has a problem, he likes to hit people.

Doctors say he has an "Anger Management" problem, but he really has trouble letting go. About 20 years ago he was a promising young detective, then some bad people tried to kill him and his wife. His wife was killed and he was sent into a comma. 15 years later he woke up really pissed off.

You have met Jack before.

His personality has showed up in movies like: Falling Down, Big Trouble Little China, Last Action Hero, Marked for Death, and Blood Sport. Jack is every regular guy action hero you have ever seen rolled into one.

Why Is It Funny?

In the past, every commercial action movie has had similar plots and similar main characters. The main character is: a guy of regular size, a troubled past, knows how to fight, maybe involved with law enforcement. In the movie, the main character will have to go up against a bad force. The bad force will usually have something in common. In our example lets use race. If a person of Asian decent bombs a plane, every Asian person in the movie is bad person. The movies are entertaining and yet ridiculous. Jack Conaway extended movie trailers attempt to embody the American action movie with the same plot and the same characters mixed in with lots of action.