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In every married couple relationship, there will be the occasional argument. The relationship between Coke and Pepsi is no exception. Coke and Pepsi have been across the hall from each other for the last 3 years. They have had there differences, but they always work it out in the end.

Story Synopsis

In this story, we see Pepsi eyeing an attractive lady who is buying a drink from him. Coke is enraged at Pepsi eying this lady. After the attractive lady walks away, Coke shoots a soda can at Pepsi. Pepsi fires one back. Pretty soon a large fight ensues, but Pepsi over reacts and commits an act of spousal abuse shooting a can at Cokes power cord knocking her out. After knocking her out, Pepsi is left confused then deeply saddened. Some time passes and a maintenance man plugs her back in. Coke shoots a can into Pepsi's mouth as an act of forgiveness. In return, Pepsi shoots a can into Cokes mouth for her to drink. Coke tries the Pepsi drink, but then is disgusted at the taste. Pepsi is enraged at this and fires a can at Coke. A fight ensues once again.

Why Is It Funny?

Spousal abuse is not funny, but seeing two Soda machines experience real life problems is funny. People think seeing a Pepsi machine acting like a male chauvinistic pig is funny, especially when it upsets his wife. The audience is surprised when a Coke machine shoots a can of soda at her husband.






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