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The Principle Cast

Rick Cambier

Lambada Dance Tutor

Commissioner, Cheerleader

Rick is a very talented and competitive funny man. He had previously been on the cast of Smile and Nod, a local improv comedy team. Recently, Rick starred in the Nutcracker. Currently Rick is working on graduating from Cal Poly and drinking lots of alcohol.

Ty Gavin

Computer Hacker and Iron Welding Assistant.

Tyrane, Kung Fu Grand Master, High Hippie Busdriver

Ty's dry quite wit propels him into being one of the top three funniest actors on the BMS cast. Ty finished a BS in Computer Science and immediately landed a job getting paid two dollars over minimum wage at CityTeam, a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless get back on their feet. Currently, Ty teaches high school English.

Ben Miskie

International Playboy, Philosopher, Arctic Explorer...SuperStar

Jack Conaway, Cheerleader, Barney, MusterCard VO, Animator

Ben Miskie completed a BS of Computer Science in June 2000. Currently, he is working on being a superstar. In a recent interview, Miskie was asked on how he would handle the success. "Well, I know it won't be easy, there will be a lot women. I guess it is something I will have to get used to."


BMS Trivia:

1. What do the cast of BMS have in common?

A. Perfect comedic timing
B. Big feet
C. Excellent mathematics skills
D. Years of performance training
2. Who is the oldest member of the BMS cast
A. Ben Miskie
B. Rick Cambier
C. Ty Gavin