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Final Draft 6
Jul 23, 2003 1:33:04 PM
Final Draft 6 is an improvement over Final Draft 5. It is a software standard among many tv shows, and has a very large user base. We worked with it a little bit, see what we found.
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MediaStudio Pro
Jun 30, 2003 12:27:53 AM
Uleads new Jack of all trades digital video creation software, MediaStudio Pro, is now available. See what we found.
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Final Cut Pro 3
May 6, 2002 6:05:45 PM
The new Apple video editing software is here, see what we found.
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Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000
Apr 7, 2002 2:11:26 AM
Screenwriter 2000 brings script formatting into focus.
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Final Draft 5
Feb 7, 2002 2:07:54 AM
Templates and ease of use make Final Draft 5 a competitor.
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NAB 2001
Mar 7, 2001 2:14:15 AM
Super models, full body motion capture devices and more. Read this report to find out what happened at the largest television convention in the world.
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